Please take the time to read over the information contained in the About DBT section of this website. Additional information regarding Dialectical Behavior Therapy can also be found at Behavioral Tech.

  1. Initial Consultation: The first step is to email with any additional questions you may have about our services and to request a phone consultation if you are interested in getting started. In addition, please leave us good times and phone numbers where you can be reached if a phone consultation is being requested. The phone consultation is meant to be brief and should take no more than 5 to 10 minutes.

  2. Intake Assessment: If it seems from the phone consultation that you may be a good candidate for one of our DBT programs, we will arrange for you to come in for a formal intake assessment. To be eligible to participate in our DBT skills training groups, you must already be in an established (has been occurring for at least one month prior to starting a group) and ongoing once-weekly (or more) individual psychotherapy. If you are not currently in individual psychotherapy, you may be able to begin individual work with one of our staff or we will make every effort to provide appropriate referrals. Please note that the intake assessment is a separate service from SFDBT, completed by one of our SFDBT-affiliated therapists. This assessment is not covered by insurance. Click here for more information on Rates and Insurance.

  3. Paperwork Required: Participation in our Skills Training Program requires a signed agreement with your individual therapist, as well as releases of information. Reimbursement arrangements for managed care or insurance must also be in place. All necessary forms and information will be provided during the intake assessment process outlined above. If you will be using insurance for the skills training group, please be advised that you will be responsible for full payment for any missed sessions since we cannot bill insurance for missed sessions.

  4. Moving Forward: If it is determined that one of our DBT programs is the right fit for you and all of the necessary paperwork is in order, we will place you on the wait list for a skills training group that works with your schedule. Please keep in mind that you will be expected to attend the group on the same day and time for the entire seven months of the program. (You can also find the schedule of our skills training groups in the About Us section of this website.) If it is determined that neither of our DBT programs are the right fit for you, we shall make every effort to provide you with alternative treatment recommendations.